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About Pte Bloggins

Welcome to Private Bloggins! The intent of this message board is to provide stories, recommendations and insight regarding our products, training, contests, events, and pretty much whatever else we want to post. Private Bloggins is to present the subjective side. Our corporate website will detail the specific features of a product and show stand alone images, but Private Bloggins is for our Staff and guests to show you how they configure, pack, wear, integrate, modify, use etc. that product. This will hopefully provide end users and potential end users with ideas on how to maximize the performance of our products, or provide that additional information to help make the decision as to whether to purchase a product or not. The Official website is “just the facts, ma’am” and Private Bloggins is “well, I use it this way”.

Private Bloggins is also our medium to showcase sneak previews, upcoming events, trade shows, contests, as well as after action reviews of them. It’s one of our marketing launch platforms and its the lighter side of CTOMS.

Why the name “Private Bloggins”? We wanted to have fun with this. Most members of the Canadian Forces will recognize the name Private Bloggins as the notional soldier or the generalization of ‘any’ soldier; the equivalent to John Q. Public on the civilian side.
Bloggins Definition
Its the perfect play on words!