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Out of Stock but Not Out of Mind


You may have noticed over the past couple of weeks that some items have been missing or are out of stock on our website. I wanted to take a few minutes to try and explain why that is.

A number of reasons have contributed to some stock showing as ‘out of stock’ on the website and here are a few of them:

  1. Government Year-end: As some of you know, March is the fiscal year-end for Canadian Government Agencies. This sometimes means an increase in spending to help alleviate some year-end financial surplus. Therefore there is a lot more being purchased right now than in other months of the year.
  2. Crye Popularity: Due to an increase in the popularity of Crye items, it has become difficult to keep up with orders and even maintain our stock. CTOMS is working directly with Crye to resolve this issue and will hopefully have resolution in this matter in the very near future. Thank you for your patience with this issue.
  3. Ops-Core Popularity: Due to an increase in the popularity of Ops-Core items, it has also become difficult to keep up with Ops-Core orders and stock. Rest assured that we are working directly with Ops-Core to resolve this issue and, as with Crye, we hope to have resolution to this issue in the very near future. Ops-Core has also taken steps to increase their output of product due to an increased demand.

It is difficult to forecast the increase in demand during this time and determine exactly what products will be sought after. We, at CTOMS, appreciate your patience during this period as we endeavor to end these issues and get stock back on the shelves as soon as possible.

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