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Canada Day’s Coming…


As Canada Day fast approaches, I am reminded of many things. Canada Day is one of my favorite holidays because I am continually overwhelmed by the sense of patriotism displayed all across this great country. No matter where you are, there are celebration events and an amazing party atmosphere.

I have had the opportunity to celebrate Canada Day in a number of different places from Shediac, New Brunswick to Ottawa, Ontario to Parksville, BC and one thing I have noticed is that no matter where you are, the celebrations are similar and they are all amazing to witness.

One other thing that comes to mind almost always around this time of year is our deployed troops. I have found myself on deployment more than once for Canada Day and, believe it or not, have some good memories of these times. Although I was away from my home and my family, the Forces did a good job of trying to make it a special occasion and for a few brief moments I got to celebrate the great nation that I and my fellow troops were representing.

On Canada Day this year I will take some time to reflect and my thoughts will no doubt turn to those who are away from home giving us the opportunity to celebrate our great nation in whatever manner we please. If you are home this year and find yourself with a few moments to reflect, thank those that have given us the opportunity to enjoy our great nation.

To those of you deployed this Canada Day thank you for your service and sacrifices.

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