Private Bloggins


January 28, 2015
by Chris

Hemorrhage Control – What Aunt Flow Didn’t Know

Every now and again, this bad recommendation surfaces.  I actually saw this printed in an emergency veterinary book recently which prompted me to finally write this article.  It’s time to bust this myth. I think it was the 2008 SOMA … Continue reading

June 5, 2013
by Chris

A Critical Look at ‘TCCC’

Sometimes there can be a fine line between ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’, and it takes a critical perspective to discern the difference.  This is my subjective, i.e. opinion, about what formal Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), meaning the Guidelines recommended by … Continue reading

October 25, 2012
by Chris

Fake It Till You Make It! The Counterfeits Are Here!

By now I hope everyone is well aware that counterfeit tourniquets, both C-A-T®s and SOF®-TTs are out there.  This is infuriating when you consider the possible consequences.  The U.S. DoD has issued warnings including memo’s and picture presentations with the … Continue reading