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Drop MOLLE Panel


When I mounted mag pouches on my X-Belt™ PS the top of the mags stuck up higher than the top of the belt.  This may not be a problem for some, depending on their mission.  If you aren’t running armor or a plate carrier, such as competitive shooting, it is probably not that big of an issue for you.  I found that the mags would interfere with my plate carrier, especially during any movement, so I needed to drop them down a little.  I tried simply mounting the mag pouches lower, but it didn’t provide much stability hanging off one MOLLE row.  Thus the idea for the Drop MOLLE Panel was born.

Unlike other belt mounted equipment extensions, the Drop MOLLE Panel does not have nor require a leg strap.  I am a big advocate to get everything off the legs.  What it does is create 4 rows and 4 columns of PAL on the side.  This provides extra MOLLE real-estate without mounting anything on the leg and without hindering leg movement.  You can see in the image below how the carbine mag level is right at the top of the belt.

This also allowed me to get my pistol holster off my leg without going so high as to put it right on the belt, impeding the draw due to too high of a mount.  This is the happy medium.  The advantage I like over Safariland’s Mid Ride Belt Loop Adapter is that it offers me a little more MOLLE to mount my Tomahawk® task light behind the holster.  I’ve used a Bawidamann PUP to mount the holster, which works excellent!  It is just as easy to slide the Safariland fork into the PALS or use whatever other MOLLE mount options are available for the holster you are running.  I like using the PUP because it proves a slight spacer to set the holster out a little and allow for a really clean draw.

The last thing I’ll mention is that we are in production of a Duty Belt version, compatible with 2″ standard duty style belts in both 2 and 4 column versions.  The one shown below is the X-Belt™ PS version.

Two Drop MOLLE Panel mounted on the X-Belt™ PS.

Two FASTMAG®s and a pistol mag pouch mounted on a Drop MOLLE Panel.

Holster mounted on Drop MOLLE Panel.

X-Belt™ PS

Drop MOLLE Panel



  1. I like that Chris.
    That will fix a lot of problems for guys when trying to mount stuff on their belts, Especially if their armor comes down a little low like most of LE tactical vests do.
    I know a lot of guys that would go for that.
    Thanks, I’ll be ordering mine soon.

  2. I have a couple of the panels for my my X Belt. I train with a couple primary weapons systems (AR mags, AK mags and shotgun rounds). I found it easier/faster to change out the drop panel than to weave MOLLE pouches. It really is that simple to change them.

    For a SWAT/ERT/LEO, they could have panels set up for various primary weapons systems (SMG, Carbine) or tactical weapons (breaching, gas gun). Simply, change out the panel to support the role you are executing that mission….

  3. Could you add a armor panel to the Drop MOLLE Panel ?

  4. It has been in the works for a couple months now and should be ready for sale in a few more.

  5. Maybe I’m not tracking, but is this gear made in the USA? Looks like that’s a cobra buckle, which is cool; originates in europe.
    Also I’m Security Forces Air Force here in the States working LE so we have to have that stupid ABU color match. Would I be able to get this in Foliage?

    Thank you Sir

    • Hi Scot,
      Unfortunately the Drop MOLLE Panel is not available in Foliage Green. It is only available in Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Multicam and Black.

  6. What brand/model holster is shown on the belt? Thanks!

  7. I am looking for panels that will allow me to lower accessories on a load-bearing-vest rather than a belt. To specify, I currently have a holder (a radio holder) that I have attached using only the last/lowest row of molle loops. I have it this way to lower the holder so that I can manipulate it behind my back. I’m looking for a panel that I can attach to the load bearing vest higher to make it more secure that will hang lower than the bottom of the vest. This way, I can attach the holder using more of the molle loops, making the whole thing much more secure. Any suggestions?

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