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Assault Pack DPL (Diveable Pack Liner)


We’ve had so much interest in the DPL for the 2ndLine™ Main Pack that we are now going to offer it for the 2ndLine™ Assault Pack. We’ll have it up on the website available for purchase very soon. It’s going to retail at $187.26 with stock  in coyote brown, and custom orders for a quantity of 50+ in black or foliage green.

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Any medic that operates in a marine or rainy environment knows how important it is to keep their medical equipment dry. The Diveable Pack Liner (DPL) is a completely waterproof Velcro®-in liner for the 2ndLine™ Assault Pack. Once installed, you won’t even notice it is there except for the additional zipper to close if you plan on using it in a wet environment. The DPL completely seals the contents airtight and water tight. Pressure can be adjusted in the pack with the oral inflation hose at the top. When sealed, the pack will float and can act as a floatation platform. The pack can be dived with the DPL installed and the addition of weights to make it neutrally buoyant.

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