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Kits of Convenience: SAS™ Kit


We have done two separate posts here on Private Bloggins on the benefits of “Kits of Convenience” and before I introduce the Surgical Airway Set (SAS™), please take a moment to review them both so that you will understand why these types of kits have been created and the benefits of having prepackaged kits of convenience.

I have not included any confirmation devices such as End Tidal CO2 Detector, Auscultation, Capnography, etc. as they are not included in the kit. Refer to your agency’s protocol to confirm advance airway.

The Product Optimization Guide for the SAS™ and demonstration video are included in this post. Medicine never stops evolving and neither do you. Contact CTOMS™ for training and products, but don’t just take our word for it, try one of our kits of convenience for yourself.

SAS™ Kit POG by CTOMS Inc.

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